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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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Sosyal Klaymers Year 2

"We Climb... We Run... We Travel..."


Thanks Ayie for the video!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

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The Sosyal Klaymers

SOSYAL KLAYMERS was founded in 2009, by a group of young, energetic, sportsminded, and adventurous outdoor enthusiasts sharing a common interest and desire to be close with nature. We endeavor to build up ourselves as responsible "Klaymers" by protecting and preserving the environment and to promote responsible mountaineering to others and among our peers. We are advocates of "Leave no trace principle" of "Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints and Kill nothing but time" to adopt every possible means to protect nature and mother earth.

As the group was built on friendship and camaraderie, we don't have an official set of officers, we only have “Climb Organizers”. The “Organizers” take full responsibility in delegating tasks and duties to every "Klaymer". We invite guests and other groups to join us in our climbs, to develop camaraderie amongst mountaineers thus strengthening the bond of mountaineers in the country. We aim to always have enjoyable and responsible mountaineering experiences to encourage more people to care for the environment.

While the main interest of the SOSYAL KLAYMERS is mountaineering, the group also indulge in other activities like running, spelunking, river crossing, beach camping and more.

In all our endeavors, we instill among our members the responsibility of proper use and enjoyment of the environment. Members' virtues are anchored on friendship, trust, discipline, unity, camaraderie and responsibility. As klaymers, travelling in the wilderness, the experience we share in the mountains bring the responsibility to help preserve the environment we care for.

More climbs! More friends! More fun! More awareness! Let us save God's creation and help preserve it for the generations to come.